Tomas Saraceno, installation view, Pinksummer, Genoa. Courtesy Pinksummer, Genoa

Pinksummer was founded in Genoa in 2000 by Antonella Berruti and Francesca Pennone. Until August 2005, the gallery was located in the city’s historic center, on the main floor of the Demetrio Canevari Foundation’s 17th-century palazzo in Via Lomellini. Since September 2005, the gallery faces onto the Cortile Maggiore of the Palazzo Ducale. Pinksummer prefers presenting solo shows intended as single experimental narratives.


City Exhibition Date
Genova Fareflies (lucciole), Pauline Curnier Jardin & Feel Good Cooperative From 03.02.2022
“We see the gallery as a training ground, and as everyone knows, you can see the most amazing developments unfold during training.”
Francesca Pennone and Antonella Berruti. Courtesy Pinksummer

In conversation with Antonella Berruti and Francesca Pennone, Pinksummer

What characterizes the Italian art scene? Is there a Made in Italy of your work?

From the postwar period to quite recently, the Italian art scene suffered an institutional void that hampered turning professional competence into habit. This void is slowly disappearing, we are learning to become an organised body. We are not yet able to create value, but we might get there. Italian curators are appreciated internationally, Italian artists still not as much as they ought to be.

What is the value for contemporary society of art on display in galleries? What is the role of the gallerist in Italy today?

We see the gallery as a training ground, and as everyone knows, you can see the most amazing developments unfold during training.

Courtesy Pinksummer, Genoa
How did your path in art begin?

Love for ideas that take two- and three-dimensional form and aspire to become perspectival in relation to time, looking back and ahead.

When and how did you first set up your gallery?

In 2000, without thinking about it much. A bit like when you adopt a young animal: you are responsible for it, it is separate from you but it will inevitably resemble you in some way.

The name of your gallery is not eponymous. Tell us about how you chose it.

When the slide for a painting by Murakami arrived for the gallery’s first exhibition, we didn’t have a name yet and it seemed perfect.

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