Arte della Seta

Photo: Stefano Casati

For five years now, our gallery has been based in the ancient medieval tower once home to the famous Arte della Seta Lisio, founded by Giuseppe Lisio. Today the Foundation’s institutional aim is to keep alive and hand down the art of hand-weaving in silk, gold and silver.

Arte della Seta
The ancient medieval tower once home to the Arte della Seta

In his youth, Giuseppe Lisio nurtured the dream of founding his own manufactory that would equal the splendors of Italian silk weaving during the Renaissance. In 1906, Lisio opened his first manufactory in the Oltrarno district of Florence and the first shop in this characteristic medieval tower where our gallery is now located. His daughter Fidalma, after the death of her father, took over the manufactory in 1943. Firmly convinced of following in her father’s footsteps and making tradition the company’s main prerogative, she reinstated hand weaving in 1954.

Hand weaving
The hand-weaving Arte della Seta Lisio Foundation

In 1971, the Arte della Seta Lisio Foundation was founded and immediately became involved in manufacturing, educational and cultural activities: it collaborated with the cinema, took part in sector events and developed the section dedicated to furnishing and fashion. Today, the Arte della Seta Lisio Foundation has its headquarters in Via Benedetto Fortini where, immersed in the lush green of the Florentine hills, the 19th-century looms continue to lend themselves to the creation of exclusive fabrics under the skillful hands of master weavers who still work with respect for tradition.

Arte della Seta
The looms at Arte della Seta Lisio Foundation. Photo: Stefano Casati

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