Giulia Cenci, ground – ground, 2017, exhibition view, SpazioA, Pistoia. Courtesy SpazioA, Pistoia. Photo: Camilla Maria Santini

The gallery was founded in 2008 in the wake of the positive and stimulating experience at Uscita Pistoia, a non-profit space located at the edge of town. This was where SpazioA founder Giuseppe Alleruzzo used to invite artist and curator friends to take part in exhibition projects, and previously, his own artist’s studio.

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Esther Kläs, Earth, 2018, exhibition view, SpazioA, Pistoia. Courtesy SpazioA, Pistoia. Photo: Camilla Maria Santini

In the same year, the new gallery moved into an abandoned printing house in Via Amati 13, in Pistoia’s historic center. The gallery now alternates solo exhibitions with group shows and curatorial projects.

Its mission has always been to work mainly with emerging young artists and others in mid-career, many of whom enjoy international renown. The goal is to provide a setting for experimentation and discussion and to introduce collectors, curators and the general public to the different forms of artistic practice that in all their diversity represent the complexity of the contemporary art scene today.

In 2013, the gallery opened a next-door project space to give very young artists the chance to experiment with site-specific projects and host special events with established artists.

David Jablonowski, Futures Contract, 2019, exhibition view, SpazioA project space, Pistoia. Courtesy SpazioA, Pistoia. Photo: Camilla Maria Santini


City Exhibition Date
Pistoia Zouwu, Helena Hladilova From 29.01.2022
“The biggest challenge is continuing to do this work with the same passion and enthusiasm.”
Giuseppe Alleruzzo. Courtesy SpazioA. Photo: Carlo Favero

In conversation with Giuseppe Alleruzzo, SpazioA

What are your predictions for the future of the art world in your field? What is the biggest challenge that you will have to face?

More than predictions, my hope is that the art world will go back to giving pride of place to artists and their ideas, which need to be followed and supported with a mix of trust and courage. The biggest challenge is continuing to do this work with the same passion and enthusiasm, knowing that moving forward the overall difficulties might compel more strategic and less instinctive choices.

What is your background?

I was born in southern Italy, in a small fishing quarter on the Calabrian shore of the Strait of Messina. My father was a painter. After studying architecture at university, I worked in design, creating one-off pieces. In 2003, I started Uscita Pistoia, a not-for-profit space in my studio, where I invited artist friends to share exhibition projects.

SpazioA and SpazioA project space, Pistoia. Courtesy SpazioA
The name of your gallery is not eponymous. Tell us about how you chose it.

The name SpazioA was suggested by a friend, and I chose it without asking her for much explanation. Since I had worked as an artist, it helped me avoid the embarrassment of my name also being the name of a gallery.

Talk to us about the space you chose for your gallery and its location.

In 2008, walking around Pistoia’s old town, I found and fell in love with an old abandoned printery, measuring 200 square metres. A few weeks later, I started renovating it. Pistoia is filled with Romanesque and Renaissance monuments, especially churches. And the Fattoria di Celle, an important collection of Environmental Art in a gorgeous park, is just a few kilometres from the gallery.

Your program: what kind of art do you deal with?

I choose artists based on my taste and passions. And I place just as much importance on their desire to share their projects and ideas with me, so that I can better support them in their careers. My mission is to work with young emerging and mid-career artists, many of whom are now active on the international art scene.

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  • Luca Bertolo
  • Chiara Camoni
  • Francesco Carone
  • Giulia Cenci
  • Daniel Gustav Cramer
  • David Jablonowski
  • Ode de Kort
  • Nona Inescu
  • Esther Kläs
  • Alessandro Mencarelli
  • Katarina Zdjelar
  • Santi Alleruzzo