“The exhibition space and its architectural and conceptual features have always played a central role in the development of the gallery’s history and vision. The fact of changing this factor every three/four years goes in the direction of imagining the work of the artists in relation to this. After doing a solo exhibition or two, it became important, from our point of view, to try to provide the artist with new spatial material for new challenges. The places we interpreted had, and have, peculiarities that explore further territories compared to the idea of ​​a white cube. […] The new space is inserted in an architectural and social situation that tastes of experimental. The landscape surrounding the gallery has characteristics that I like very much, with that hotel that stands out in the background beyond the courtyard. And the low buildings, mainly warehouses, that surround it. […] You can breathe fresh air or you can project the desire for a new humanity in this landscape and it is stimulating above all for the evolution of a possible interpretation of contemporaneity […]”. 


City Exhibition Date
Milano NOI SPARIAMO, Stefania Carlotti, Chiara Enzo, Irene Fenara, Carlo e Fabio Ingrassia, Marco Pio Mucci, Marta Naturale Until 20.06.2024
Milano Dusty Landscapes, Micol Assaël Until 22.06.2024
Milano Porto di Mare, Hans Schabus Until 22.06.2024
“From an artist, I learned how to endure. Also from a collector. ”

In conversation with Paolo Zani, ZERO…

What are your predictions for the future of the art world in your field? What is the biggest challenge that you will have to face?

I think that it will be important to clarify the difference between gallerist and dealer and between artist and creative (not in terms of a hierarchy of importance). The idea of beauty is migrating towards tautological and mimetic forms. And so what interests me is the limes between the concepts of rubbish, relic and tool in relation to the production of works of art and their sedimentation in this world.

Something important that you learned from an artist? And from a collector?

From an artist, I learned how to endure. Also from a collector.

Are you a collector?

I have a tendency to create Platonic scenarios through my experience as a human being in relation to the human genus as a species. I am aware of being a phenotypical expression of the homo sapiens genus. I am part of a form of microfragmented unity. I would pair the concept of SPECIES with the word PEOPLE.

What would be your desert-island work of art?

Alighiero Boetti’s Lampada annuale, 1966 (even if there is no electricity).

Your gallery’s first show?

Natural Blues. Peter Fischli and David Weiss were part of the group and sent two works to celebrate the opening of ZERO…

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  • Vincenzo Agnetti
  • Yuri Ancarani
  • Micol Assaël
  • Alex Ayed
  • Mark Barrow and Sarah Parke
  • Neïl Beloufa
  • Cezary Bodzianowski
  • Enzo Cucchi
  • Hubert Duprat
  • Christian Frosi
  • Giuseppe Gabellone
  • Francesco Gennari
  • Adam Gordon
  • Massimo Grimaldi
  • João Maria Gusmão + Pedro Paiva
  • Thomas Houseago
  • Gavin Kenyon
  • Tommy Malekoff
  • Victor Man
  • Jurgen Ots
  • Alessandro Pessoli
  • Michael Rey
  • Michael Sailstorfer
  • Hans Schabus
  • Shimabuku
  • Michael E. Smith
  • Cally Spooner