Il museo del louvre

Roman streets hide lots of surprises. They intertwine in an illogical way, confusing and tricking whoever ventures down them. One of these surprises is hidden in the Roman Ghetto. The Ghetto itself is constructed upon layers of Antique Roman foundations, and labyrinthine streets permeate the neighborhood in abundance. Hidden in one of these alleys is a magical place called Il museo del louvre.

In Via della Reginella, a true Wunderkammer awaits the most curious of wanderers. The bookshop-gallery, as it pleases to call itself, was founded in 1995 by Giuseppe Casetti, who collaborated closely with Francesca Woodman during her Roman years. The space now focuses on photography and exhibitions. True connoisseurs can find many rare catalogues and hidden gems in the bookshop’s collection. Il museo del louvre represents another Rome, and invites anyone visiting it to explore the colorful eclecticism of the Eternal City.

Il museo del louvre in Rome
Giuseppe Casetti at il museo del louvre Photographs, Rome. Courtesy il museo del louvre

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