The Castle of Pereto

The Castle of Pereto

The village of Pereto is located in the Marsica region, in the province of Aquila, Abruzzo. Enchanted by its atmosphere and natural surroundings, Pereto is also the place where I decided, a few years ago by now, to live as well as work and develop local projects.

One of the singularities that drew me to the village was the powerful majesty of the castle that looms over the Piana del Cavaliere. The castle of Pereto was probably one of the first built in the Carseolano area, in about the first half of the 10th century.

The oldest portion of the castle is the keep, which was rebuilt on a possibly Lombard base. This castle was Pereto’s furthermost bastion, the symbol of its strength and capacity for resistance. Its conquest equalled possession of the entire fortress and loss of liberty and property. The castle belonged to the counts of Marsi, the De Ponte lords, the Orsini counts and the Colonna dukes, until it was acquired by prescription by the Maccafani family. In 1966, the tower was purchased by the university professor Aldo Maria Arena, who, having visited the castle – a mighty, picturesque ruin at the time – and recognised its rare architectural and historical value, began to painstakingly and conscientiously restore it, a project that took more than seventeen years. His work won the European Community’s award for Best Italian Restoration in 1983.

Pereto, L’Aquila, Photo: Aurelio Candido

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