Panorama Procida

A project by ITALICS


an island-wide exhibition

curated by Vincenzo de Bellis

2 – 5 September 2021


The island-wide exhibition PANORAMA, the first ambitious multi-site exhibition project presented by ITALICS, curated by Vincenzo de Bellis, Curator and Associate Director of Programs, Visual Arts at the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis, was held on the island of Procida from 2 to 5 September 2021.

Daniel Buren, Around an exhibition, work in situ for Italics, Procida, Italics d’Oro 2021

This was the first edition of an annual exhibition series in which, again with the title PANORAMA, ITALICS will be showcasing some of the most fascinating places in the Italian landscape, creating art itineraries that will continue, in the real world, the extraordinary journey that began in October 2020 on the web pages of this platform.

Nicola Samorì, Artaud, 2021. Courtesy the artist and Monitor Rome – Lisbon – Pereto
Domenico Antonio Mancini, Untitled, 2021. Courtesy the artist and Galleria Lia Rumma Milan – Naples
Rosa Barba, La vista ci permette di apprezzare la distanza, 2017. Courtesy the artist and Vistamare/Vistamarestudio, Pescara – Milan
Francesco Pedraglio, +393452350470, 2021. Courtesy Norma Mangione Gallery, Turin
Fredrik Værslev, USA, 2021. Courtesy Gió Marconi, Milan
Paolo Icaro, Spazio Scolpito, Q, 1967. Courtesy the artist and P420, Bologna
Noah Barker, Signal and Pirate Play. an indeterminate duration of boat based broadcast, 2021. Courtesy Fanta MLN, Milan
Francesco Simeti, Curling, arching, breaking, 2021. Courtesy the artist and Francesca Minini, Milan

PANORAMA | Procida is an itinerary – planned in dialogue with Agostino Riitano, Director of Procida Italian Capital of Culture 2022 – that explores the island’s powerful beauty, where art and nature design a new landscape that includes the dimension of experience.

Darius Mikšys
Darius Mikšys, Shower Curtain Standard, 2012, printed in 2021. Courtesy the artist and Ermes Ermes, Rome – Vienna
Chen Zhen
Chen Zhen, Back to Fullness, Face to Emptiness, 1997-2009. Courtesy GALLERIA CONTINUA © ADAGP, Paris
Damon Zucconi
Damon Zucconi, SPIRITUAL DOOR, 2016. Courtesy the artist and VEDA, Florence
Mario García Torres
Mario García Torres, The Sun Makes Me Blind, 2021. Courtesy Galleria Franco Noero, Turin
Daniele Milvio
Daniele Milvio, It could be worse, I could be Sting, 2021. Courtesy the artist and Galleria Federico Vavassori, Milan
ALEK O., If there is a last summer morning, 2009. Courtesy the artist and Frutta, Rome

This collective happening witnessed the extraordinary simultaneous participation of the public, institutions and citizens; its success is also testified by the exceptional media visibility and the many social shares.

Daniel Buren, Around an exhibition, work in situ for Italics, Procida, Italics d’Oro 2021

The exhibition designed for the island of Procida, spanning five centuries of art history, from antiquity to the contemporary, with great attention for Italian works and a specific focus on the Neapolitan area, brought together over fifty works by the artists:

Marisa Albanese (Naples, Italy, 1947–2021), Giovanni Anselmo (Borgofranco d’Ivrea, Italy, 1934), Salvatore Arancio (Catania, Italy, 1974), Gianni Asdrubali (Tuscania, Italy, 1955), Rosa Barba (Agrigento, Italy, 1972), Noah Barker (California, USA, 1991 ), Per Barclay (Oslo, Norway, 1955), Robert Barry (New York, USA, 1936), Elisabetta Benassi (Rome, Italy, 1966), Walead Beshty (London, GB, 1976), Daniel Buren (Boulogne-Billancourt, France, 1938), Giulia Cenci (Cortona, Italy, 1988), Chen Zhen (Shanghai, China 1955 – Paris, France, 2000), Antonio Della Guardia (Salerno, Italy, 1990), Fortunato Depero (Fondo, Italy, 1892 – Rovereto, Italy, 1960), Patrizio Di Massimo (Jesi, Italy, 1983), Flavio Favelli (Florence, Italy, 1967), Luca Francesconi (Mantua , Italy, 1979), Lucio Fontana (Rosario di Santa Fé, Argentina, 1899 – Comabbio, Italy, 1968), Mario García Torres (Monclova, Mexico, 1975), Igor Grubić (Zagreb, Croatia, 1969), Christian Holstad (Anaheim , USA, 1972), Paolo Icaro (Turin, Italy, 1936), Massimo Listri (Florence, Italy, 1953), Nate Lowman (Las Vegas, USA, 1979), Ibrahim Mahama (Tamale, Ghana, 1987), Marcello Maloberti ( Casalpusterlengo, Italy, 1966),

Domenico Antonio Mancini (Naples, Italy, 1980) , Darius Mikšys (Kaunas, Lithuania, 1969), Daniele Milvio (Genoa, Italy, 1988) , Alek O. (Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1981), Luigi Ontani (Grizzana Morandi, Italy, 1943), Adrian Paci (Scutari, Albania, 1969), Mimmo Paladino (Paduli, Italy, 1948), Giulio Paolini (Genoa, Italy, 1940), Francesco Pedraglio (Como, Italy, 1981) , Giuseppe Penone (Garessio, Italy, 1947), Giulia Piscitelli (Naples, Italy, 1965), Nicola Samorì (Forlì, Italy, 1977), Tomás Saraceno (San Miguel de Tucumán, Argentina, 1973), Alberto Savinio (Athens, Greece, 1891 – Rome, Italy, 1952), Marinella Senatore (Cava de’ Tirreni, Italy, 1977), Francesco Simeti (Palermo, Italy, 1968) , Sissi (Bologna, Italy, 1977), Filippo Tagliolini (Fogliano di Cascia, Italy, 1745 – Naples, Italy, 1809), Fredrik Værslev (Moss, Norway, 1979), Andy Warhol (Pittsburgh, USA, 1928 – New York, USA, 1987) , Heimo Zobernig (Mauthen, Austria, 1958), Damon Zucconi (Bethpage, USA, 1985) and a work by Matthias Stomer (1600, Amersfoort, Netherlands – 1650, Sicily) from the collections of the Museo e Real Bosco di Capodimonte.

Antonio Della Guardia, Per un prossimo reale, 2021. Courtesy Galleria Tiziana Di Caro
Luca Francesconi, Senza Titolo, 2020. Courtesy Galleria Umberto di Marino, Naples
Marinella Senatore, Remember the first time you saw your name, 2020. Courtesy Mazzoleni, Turin – London
Giulia Cenci, pissing figures, 2020. Courtesy SpazioA, Pistoia
Christian Holstad, Consider Yourself as a Guest (Cornucopia), 2019. Courtesy Victoria Miro Venice
Igor Grubić, How to… , 2021. Courtesy Laveronica Arte Contemporanea, Modica
Marisa Albanese, Combattente, 2013. Courtesy Studio Trisorio, Naples
Nate Lowman, White Outdoor Sculpture, 2015. Courtesy MASSIMODECARLO
Mimmo Paladino, Untitled, 2016. Courtesy Cardi Gallery, Milan – London
Ibrahim Mahama, KOFI KUMBUNGU, 2017. Courtesy Apalazzogallery, Brescia
Giuseppe Penone, Equivalenze, 2016. Courtesy Gagosian

The exhibition showcased the marvelous variety of styles, materials, compositional solutions and formal translations that have characterized creativity in all eras. The itinerary took in the whole island, from the Marina Grande port to Terra Murata, and included some strongly mimetic works that blended into the natural and human landscape, while others required the direct involvement of the visitors, ferrying them into new unexplored dimensions, and two special projects presented as ‘exhibitions within the exhibition.’

Alberto Savinio, Il Balcone, 1937 ca., Courtesy Bottegantica, Milan
Walead Beshty FedEx® Kraft Box © (…) Priority Overnight, Naples-Procida, trk#774617678257, August 25-30, 2021, 2008. Courtesy Thomas Dane Gallery, London – Naples; and Massimo Listri, Villa de Clario, Livardi, 2021. Courtesy Giacometti Old Master Paintings, Rome – Naples
Filippo Tagliolini, Berenice, 1790 ca. and Democrito or Aristotele, 1790 ca. Courtesy Alessandra Di Castro, Rome
Fortunato Depero, Tarantella, 1918. Courtesy ML Fine Art, Milan
Giulia Piscitelli, Ritratti, 2021. Courtesy Galleria Fonti, Naples

A work from the Neapolitan Museo e Real Bosco di Capodimonte’s priceless collections created a new and unique dialog with Concetto spaziale. La fine di Dio [Spatial Concept. The End of God] (1963) by Lucio Fontana.
Italics d’Oro inaugurated a new exhibition tradition: each edition of PANORAMA will celebrate a different artist who intensely experienced the area which hosts the island-wide exhibition from time to time. The first artist celebrated by Italics d’Oro is Daniel Buren.

Lucio Fontana, Concetto spaziale, La fine di Dio, 1963. Courtesy Tornabuoni Arte.
Matthias Stomer, Adorazione dei pastori, 1640 ca. Courtesy Museo e Real Bosco di Capodimonte, Naples; and Giulio Paolini, Il cielo e dintorni, 1988. Courtesy Alfonso Artiaco, Naples

The Civic Museum united a group of works that, from the 18th century to today, recounted Naples and its islands. The prison, historically located inside Palazzo d’Avalos, housed works evoking the themes of constriction and isolation. The mystical or spiritual works were concentrated around the Abbey of San Michele Arcangelo. Some important sculptural installations were hosted in three of the famous terraces of Procida, lookout belvederes located in different points throughout the area with generous views of the Mediterranean. Finally, a substantial body of works were sitespecific installations that fit naturally into the urban fabric or ephemeral pieces made for the most part by the younger of the selected artists. They experimented with multiple expressive modes involving sound, broadcasting, the digital dimension, storytelling and, above all, participation. Falling into this sphere were the five performances by the artists Robert Barry, Elisabetta Benassi, Igor Grubić, Marcello Maloberti and Adrian Paci.

Marcello Maloberti, MARTELLATE – MALINCUORE, 2021, Performance site-specific. Courtesy the artist and Galleria Raffaella Cortese, Milan.
Robert Barry, Inert Gas Series/Argon/at 5 pm on September 2nd 2021 14 liters of Argon were returned to the atmosphere, 2021. Performance site-specific. Courtesy the artist and Galleria Massimo Minini, Brescia
Patrizio di Massimo, Caro Mondo, 2021. Performance site-specific. Courtesy the artist and T293, Rome
Adrian Paci, One and Twenty-Four Chairs, 2021. Performance. Courtesy kaufmann repetto, Milan – New York
Igor Grubić, Little Quote Lesson, 2021. Performance. Courtesy Laveronica Arte Contemporanea, Modica
Elisabetta Benassi, Ordine e Disordine, 2015-2021, Performance. Courtesy of the artist and Magazzino, Rome

Nor was there any lack of moments of shared reflection with the extraordinary participation of geographer Franco Farinelli who, in dialogue with Andrea Anastasio, an author who works with various media in the fields of design, architecture and visual arts, held a conversation open to the public on Friday, 3 September at the Terrazza of Terra Murata entitled Arte e Territorio. Spunti per una vera integrazione [Art and Territory. Ideas for a true integration.], moderated by curator Vincenzo de Bellis and Agostino Riitano, Director of Procida Italian Capital of Culture 2022.

Tempietto Palazzo Costagliola, Venere della Grotticella, from the original by Giambologna, Italian school, late 18th Century, Courtesy Galleria Carlo Orsi, in dialogue with Giovanni Anselmo, Oltremare verso est nord-est, 1979/2021, Courtesy the artist and Tucci Russo Studio per l’Arte Contemporanea, Torre Pellice – Turin
Tomás Saraceno, GJ 1132 c/M+M, 2018. Courtesy the artist and pinksummer, Genoa
Elisabetta Benassi, Mouchoirs, 2014-2021. Courtesy Magazzino, Rome
Villa Sofia: Gianni Asdrubali, Stenkanibale, 2021, Courtesy A arte Invernizzi, Milan, and Flavio Favelli, Silver Plated, 2021, Courtesy Studio SALES di Norberto Ruggeri, Rome
Sissi, Vasi Madre (from the “Motivi Ossei” series), 2018. Courtesy Galleria d’Arte Maggiore g.a.m., Bologna – Milan – Paris
Heimo Zobernig, Untitled, 2012. Courtesy Caterina Tognon Arte Contemporanea, Venice
Luigi Ontani, DantElegia, 1998. Courtesy Galleria dello Scudo, Verona
Per Barclay, Lofoten 5, 2010. Courtesy Giorgio Persano, Turin
Salvatore Arancio, A Soft Land No Longer Distant, 2017. Courtesy Schiavo Zoppelli Gallery, Milan
Andy Warhol, polariods, ’70-’80. Courtesy Tommaso Calabro Galleria d’Arte, Milan

PANORAMA | Procida fully embraced the founding principle of the entire ITALICS project, expressed in the subtitle Art and Landscape: the opportunity to interpret the landscape and its layered history, built up over centuries of human activity, through art and the relationships it can create between visitors and the territory, beyond all temporal or media classification. Every year, with PANORAMA, ITALICS will renew its commitment to promoting the beauty of our country, in all its profound complexity, through the eyes of Italian gallerists.

All photos © Barbara Rossi

ITALICS is looking forward to welcoming next year’s audience of art lovers, professionals and all those eager to experience a new “panorama”, for a new journey to discover the Italian landscape!

PANORAMA | Procida was made possible thanks to Intesa Sanpaolo, project Partner, and Tod’s, who with this commitment confirmed its support for contemporary young creative artists.
The exhibition was realized with the support of the Campania Region, the Fondazione Donnaregina per le arti contemporanee – museo Madre, and in collaboration with the Museo e Real Bosco di Capodimonte, under the patronage of the Municipality of Procida and “Verso Procida 2022.”
Our thanks go to Forma Edizioni for the publication of the exhibition’s guide and Media partner Il Giornale dell’Arte.

2 – 5 September 2021

A Project by Italics

Curated by Vincenzo de Bellis
in collaboration with Agostino Riitano

Curatorial coordination
Damiana Leoni

Project manager
Valentina Schiano Lo Moriello with Marco Lauro

Strategy and development

Graphic design

Barbara Rossi

Communication and Editorial coordination
Carlotta Poli

Media relations
PCM Studio di Paola C. Manfredi

Tax and corporate consulting firm
Dante & Associati


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A special thanks to Ilaria Artiaco, Alfonso Artiaco; Elena Dalla Costa, Galleria dello Scudo; Flavio Del Monte, Massimo De Carlo; Filippo Di Carlo, Galleria dello Scudo; Francesca Fattori, Alfonso Artiaco; Valentina Grandini, Tornabuoni Arte; Alessandra Minini, Galleria Massimo Minini; Valentina Rossi, Carlo Orsi; Claudia Staccioli, Gagosian; Charlotte Urgese, Galleria Continua; Astrid Welter, kaufmann repetto.

Panorama Procida