Casa Ascione: beyond coral, the story of a family business that merges with places

When I think of coral, I think of something alive, I think of the sea, I think of something that has always and will always exist. A few steps from our Gallery in Via Chiaia, I set off in the direction of Piazza del Plebiscito, heading for the Galleria Umberto.

Casa Ascione

On the second-floor piano nobile there is Casa Ascione with its company museum, a place that is not only a museum dedicated to coral but also a showroom for contemporary art, a multifunctional cultural container: a meeting place for those who frequent and visit “Naples, city of art.”

In its museum exhibit, one finds craftsmanship, innovation, the use of different materials, as well as much contamination with experiences between ancient and future: Ascione is jewelry, it is uniqueness, it is precious coral, it is artistic Vesuvian craftsmanship to discover. When I move through the showrooms directly in front of the Teatro di San Carlo, together with the guests I accompany, I feel at home, regardless of which of the eight brothers welcomes me. I find myself within an exciting experience, amidst objects that speak of the history of Naples and of Italy, where one can also read the history of architecture and design, up to the present day.

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