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Ryo Yamashita, iron and bamboo glasses

I have been stopping by Mondelliani since I was a teenager, when I would go with my father to choose a new pair of glasses at the shop in via del Pellegrino. All of my attention was turned to the display windows, however, which were always different and filled with the creations of artists and designers selected by Giancarlo and Rosaria Mondello. Years later, in 2014, Chiara and I met their son Federico in connection with the amazing work by Ryo Yamashita – a designer of eyewear made using traditional Japanese techniques – on view at the shop in via dei Bergamaschi. Surrounded by his stunning creations in iron and bamboo, it was easy to perceive the careful research carried out over the years by the Mondello family, making the world of Mondelliani a destination for everyone who shares their view that everything is a candidate for artistic expression.

Rosaria and Federico Mondello. Photo: Andrea Boccalini

A view that is unfailingly reflected in everything they do, from the refined lines of the eyewear that they choose and that they themselves produce with young designers to the highly original accessories and artisan objects that they offer in their gorgeous spaces, creating a welcoming, familiar atmosphere marked by an unmistakable style.


The Mondelliani have been passionate about eyewear, design-driven accessories and art since 1961. We believe that eyewear is one of the objects most expressive of who we are and this is why we are known for the originality of our collections and, most of all, our talent for helping you decide and surprising you each …

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