Gold, indigo, white, magenta, bronze, yellow, cobalt blue, red

Soledad Twombly and L'Archivio di Monserrato. Photo: Alessandro Vasari

Entering L’Archivio di Monserrato is a unique experience. For me, it’s like stepping into a kaleidoscope of colors, embarking on a journey between East and West, but just a short walk from Campo de’ Fiori.

I strongly identify with the clean but very original lines of Soledad Twombly’s custom-designed dresses, showcased in the Archivio atelier among the ikats, the suzanis, the evocations of her South American roots, and then the surprising monumental frames, the bright paintings by Alessandro Twombly and her extraordinary collection of antique fabrics.

Archivio di Monserrato
L’Archivio di Monserrato. Photo: Alessandro Vasari

L’Archivio di Monserrato

A large door close to Piazza Farnese opens onto Soledad Twombly’s wunderkammer, that is, her boutique, L’Archivio di Monserrato. Argentinean by birth and Italian by adoption, Soledad opened her first fashion atelier in New York in 1994, inaugurating it with the style of elegance and originality that has made her known throughout the world. After …

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