The Orto Botanico: a Nature Break in the Heart of the Eternal City

Orto Botanico, Rome. Photo: Flávia Cardoso Suzuki

Tucked away in the centre of Rome, at the foot of the Gianicolo Hill and near the storied Villa Farnesina, there is a hidden gem that often escapes notice: the Museo Orto Botanico, home to a variety of flora unique in the city and respite from the chaos of the Italian capital.

Orto Botanico, Rome. Photo: Flávia Cardoso Suzuki

There, visitors find themselves immersed in a garden filled with surprises, an incredible variety of trees, plants and flowers from every corner of the world, forming a natural outdoor museum spanning nearly twelve hectares. Beginning at the palm collection and ending in the tropical greenhouse, the visit also includes numerous species of bamboo and a lovely Japanese garden, the fresh, silent atmosphere of which offers visitors a meditative space for quiet reflection.

Orto Botanico of Rome, Japanese Garden. Photo: Flávia Cardoso Suzuki

The Orto Botanico of Rome is one of the richest botanical gardens in Europe and a hymn to the infinite beauty and richness of nature. The intriguing dialogue set up in the garden between geographically distant plants creates a link between this natural space and T293. The gallery has always seen diversity, in all of its forms, as fundamental to its programme, striving to integrate multiple cultures and languages and working with artists from all over the world, each characterised by his or her unique qualities.

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