The St. Regis Rome, a place of art and enchantment

Sun Yuan & Peng Yu, If I Died, 2013, The St. Regis Rome, Rome. Courtesy Galleria Continua. Photo: Ela Bialkowska, OKNO Studio

The first time I entered this enchanting hotel, I immediately developed a fondness for the place and the people who run it. Stepping through the doors of The St. Regis Rome, a hotel founded in 1894 by César Ritz, you are immediately steeped in an intimate atmosphere. Thanks to a meticulous restoration reinterpreted with a contemporary approach, that timeless elegance that has always distinguished it has been maintained. The hotel’s Salone Ritz, with a wealth of frescoes by Mario Spinetti, was the very first public ballroom in Rome, a majestic symbol of the Belle Époque, which I heartily recommend visiting.

Galleria Continua Rome
Sun Yuan & Peng Yu, Teenager Teenager, 2011, The St. Regis Rome, Rome. Courtesy Galleria Continua. Photo: Ela Bialkowska, OKNO Studio

When Sofia Peluso and Giuseppe De Martino, respectively the marketing director and general manager of The St. Regis Rome, invited Galleria Continua to begin an artistic collaboration, we accepted the challenge, not an easy one.

What convinced us was Giuseppe and Sofia’s passion for their work and their great dedication in offering guests a truly special and unique experience. Whoever enters The St. Regis can immediately feel this spirit, this past grandeur and present glamor, where entertainment and culture come together, creating an environment that is luxurious, welcoming and dynamic at the same time. From that day on, we’ve shared a relationship of great esteem and friendship, and we hope it will continue for many years to come!

The St. Regis Rome

Respecting the historical grandeur of the palazzo, which dates back to 1864, the renovation of The St. Regis Rome was entrusted to the renowned interior design firm Pierre-Yves Rochon, and pays tribute to the hotel’s 125 years of history, enhancing it with contemporary sensibility. The St. Regis Rome has 161 renovated rooms and suites, including …

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