An oil with a unique light

Tenuta di Carma

Ancient lands, the stratification of cultures and peoples, a unique landscape amidst the calanchi gullies, at the foot of Civita di Bagnoregio: this is where the best oil I have ever tasted is produced! The Tenuta di Carma is a project that our friend Giulio Di Gropello has been pursuing since 2000. At its center, the excellence of the production of extra virgin olive oil, which has won numerous important awards in Italy and around the world, together with the recovery and care of the biodiversity of these territories.

Tenuta di Carma
Tenuta di Carma, Bagnoregio

Here organic farming, along with an innovative hospitality project respectful of tradition, become experiences of excellence. Immersed in a wild, fascinating countryside, it enjoys a unique light even at night, thanks to the absence of light pollution. The extra virgin olive oil tasting tour is, in my opinion, not to be missed: the presence of the oil mill inside the property makes it possible to learn more about the various stages of production accompanied by real professionals in the field.

Carma R.Elais

In an award-winning organic farmhouse famous for the production of extra virgin olive oils, chosen by the best chefs in the world was born Carma R.Elais, dedicated to Elais, the patron goddess of olive oil. This innovative hospitality project is located in a place of unexpected beauty, in the midst of wild nature and vast …

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