Caravaggio, a neighbor

In Rome, in the area of Campo Marzio, History has been at home for thousands of years. And what a History! We here propose only a fragment, among the many possible: it concerns Caravaggio, the acclaimed artist, whom we find present and active within a quadrilateral extending just two hundred meters between Via della Scrofa and Via della Lupa. In fact, his workshop was in what was then called the Vicolo di San Biagio: needing more light and space for his Madonna dei Pellegrini, he opened up the roof – to the desperation of the owner, Donna Prudenzia Bruni. The famous painting was then transferred a bit further up the street, to the Church of Sant’Agostino.

But there wasn’t just work. As a distraction, one very hot evening, at the end of Via della Scrofa, he hit the notary Mariano Pasqualoni on the head because he had insulted Lena, his favorite model. In the same area, between the Pallacorda and Piazza di Firenze, he stabbed Renato Tommasoni with his stiletto, killing him instantly. In any case, between a brushstroke, a brawl and a stabbing, he was often found sitting in front of a jugful of red wine. And where? In the Osteria della Lupa, at Number 10. Precisely within those same walls where our gallery is now located. It is well documented: here he had lengthy quarrels with his colleagues Salini, Baglioni and others. And yet, fortunately for us, no episodes of bloodshed to perturb that alliance of valiant (and even a little violent) men.

Galleria Carlo Virgilio & C., via della Lupa 10, Rome