A magnificent oenological theatre

The Antica Bottega del Vino is located on a picturesque street in Verona’s old town, just a short walk from Piazza Erbe and via Mazzini. I have been going there since the Galleria dello Scudo opened in 1968.

The singular atmosphere of this stunning space is enhanced by the warmth of its interior, its walls lined with hundreds of prized bottles from all over the world. The wine list, one of the best in Italy, is actually unwieldy, overflowing with exceptional labels and extremely rare vintages and formats. Going down a steep stair, you get to the fabulous wine cellar – where I’ve enjoyed many memorable meals.

The auteur of this magnificent, vibrant oenological theatre, which truly leaves all and sundry astounded, is Luca Nicolis.

Massimo Di Carlo and Luca Nicolis at Antica Bottega del Vino

Antica Bottega del Vino

With roots dating back to the XVI century, Bottega del Vino is one of the most ancient and prestigious historical sites in Verona. Once a meeting place for artists and intellectuals, today it has become an internationally recognized place where wine is the undisputed protagonist. Bottega has been the recipient of multiple awards from 1996 …

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