A walk past artists’ houses on the banks of the Po River

"Inside Carol Rama" © Bepi Ghiotti © Archivio Carol Rama

Many artists live, or did live, in the area around the gallery. A few minutes away, walking along the banks of the river, passing by what was once the infamous Moschino district until 1875, you come to the houses of Carol Rama and Carlo Mollino: today these have been made into two archives that on visiting, provide an incredible journey through the lives, worlds, and intimacy of these two artists.

“Inside Carol Rama” © Bepi Ghiotti © Archivio Carol Rama

Walking on a little further, you go back into the history of art: approaching the other side of the Po, you come to the homes of two painters who were perhaps less well-known, but whose works live on the walls of museums in Turin. These are the houses of Carlo Bossoli and Vittorio Avondo: both lived in the nineteenth century, and both were painters: more precisely, vedutisti – landscape painters. Yet, with two very different ways of seeing: the first portrayed streets, crowds, city monuments, and the second portrayed nature, the countryside, and that Po River that inspired and still inspires, in a more or less direct way, the creation of many works.

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