Contemporary Architecture in Turin

Bell Tower of Santo Volto Church, Mario Botta, 2001-2006, Turin, Dora Park.

Every so often, I take a walk around Turin with an architect friend to learn about interesting but little-known contemporary buildings. Lots of people know about Carlo Mollino’s Teatro Regio and Chamber of Commerce, Roberto Gabetti and Aimaro Isola’s Stock Exchange and Renzo Piano and Massimiliano Fuksas’s skyscrapers. But, oddly, there are a few buildings by famous architects in Turin that almost no one knows about.

For example, Mario Botta’s church of the Santo Volto, built between 2004 and 2006, with a bell tower made out of an old smokestack. The project was almost stopped by arguments over costs, but a referendum was held among the city’s priests, and a majority was in favour.

Or Aldo Rossi’s Casa Aurora, which has a theatre inside it. Or Norman Foster’s new university campus on the banks of the Dora River.

And, taking a short day trip, you can visit Palazzo Fata in Pianezza and the former Cartiere Burgo office building in San Mauro, both designed by Oscar Niemeyer.

Contemporary Architecture in Turin
Casa Aurora GFT Office Building, Aldo Rossi with G. Braghieri, G. Ciocca, F. Marchesotti, M. Oks, M. Scheurer and L. Uva; 1984-1987, Turin, corso Emilia – corso Giulio Cesare.

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