San Nicolò Inferiore: A small Byzantine church next to the gallery

San Nicolò Inferiore, Modica. Photo: A. Pulvirenti

In Modica, in the small square in front of the gallery, there is the entrance to the small Rock Church of San Nicolò Inferiore.
The story of its discovery is as unusual as it is accidental. In 1987, a child, trying to retrieve his ball, entered an old garage inside a cave. His discovery was incredible: a painting on an old stone wall, which scholars subsequently dated back to the Norman era.

Today San Nicolò Inferiore is one of the most visited tourist sites in Modica and its province. A length of nine meters with three different pictorial cycles in Byzantine style in the apse, a baptismal font and a series of graves cut into the floor. In another cave, now adjacent to the little church but probably once part of it, the gallery hosts videos and performances in an energy-filled atmosphere. I’ve always been fascinated by this special proximity and by the ability of art to continue to tell the story of mankind throughout the centuries.

San Nicolò inferiore, Modica. Photo: A. Pulvirenti

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