Murano 2021#1

Simone Cenedese working in the glass factory

Going to Murano is a magical and alienating adventure, but also a rather difficult enterprise.
The island wakes up early – at six in the morning, master craftsmen and their assistants are already at work – but at five in the afternoon everything closes up and everyone goes home, tired but satisfied.

You, too, will want to start off early in the morning from Fondamenta Nuove, taking a boat to Murano and getting off at the Colonna stop, and then walking along the Canale dei Vetrai to Number 68 and into the glass factory of Simone Cenedese, a young and talented master glassmaker of Murano.

Simone has always worked for many artists, but here I would particularly like to mention his long collaboration, begun in Murano in the Venini glassworks, with Laura Diaz de Santillana, a beloved artist of my gallery who sadly left us a year ago. Laura and Simone created works in glass reflecting an absolute knowledge of the matter, in a variety of contemporary expressive forms.

Simone will allow you to enter his medieval spaces, places of millenary industrial archaeology, with fires always burning in the furnaces, where a liquid, fiery matter flows, untouchable, in a continuous centrifugal rotation, moving constantly between the fire and the master artisan.

Simone will be happy to show you his ancient art every day of the week, in the morning from 9 am to 1 pm, excluding Saturday, Sunday and holidays. Please inform us of your arrival at least one day in advance, contacting the Glass Factory (Martina +39 041 5274455) or the Gallery.

Works of Laura Diaz de Santillana made in the glass factory of Simone Cenedese

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