The Cilento Coast

The Amalfi Coast is known the world over, but it’s not the only truly magnificent stretch of coast in Campania. In fact, south of Salerno is the Cilento, an area with a wealth of traditions to which it still remains strongly anchored. Together with the Vallo di Diano and the Monti Alburni, it makes up the National Park of the same name, a UNESCO protected heritage site since 1998. The sea in Cilento continues to be one of the most beautiful I’ve ever seen.

The artists in my gallery always try to plan their exhibitions between May and September, because they can be sure I’ll invite them to Cilento during this period. My favorite place is Marina di Camerota, a seaside village in the municipality of Camerota (which also includes Lentiscosa and Licusati). The name Camerota comes from Kamaratòn: according to the myth, Palinuro, Aeneas’ legendary helmsman, fell in love with a girl by this name. Virgil wrote that, in fact, he died right near the promontory today called “Capo Palinuro,” a few kilometers from Marina di Camerota.

The Mingardo, the Pozzallo, Cala Bianca, and Porto Infreschi are just some of the beaches worth visiting in this area. The landscape here is incredible: Mediterranean scrub, rocks and sea. The coast has beautiful caves and a nature that, fortunately, is still partly unspoiled.

Marina di Camerota, Salerno

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