Recontemporary: a club for video art in Turin

Recontemporary, Turin, 2021.

For an afternoon in Turin in search of fresh inspiration and experiences with digital technology, I recommend a walk around the area of the Museo Nazionale del Cinema to everyone, local residents and visitors alike: besides the architectural wonder of the Mole Antonelliana, your attention will be caught by five large windows in via Gaudenzio Ferrari, in the same building that once hosted the studio of Gilberto Zorio and Luigi Mainolfi.

A new, different space that is not easily pinned down but that will surely make you want to find out more: Recontemporary, a cultural association and exhibition space devoted to research on video art and new media. It isn’t what we would expect of a space devoted to projections, and is anything but dark. Colours and light flow from the windows and video fills the space, surprising the passer-by.

Recontemporary, Turin, 2019.

Art and technological innovation are the main themes explored in Recontemporary’s interactive exhibitions and educational initiatives, a palimpsest of events with activities for all tastes and age groups. Recontemporary breaks the mould and facilitates dialogue between user and art.

In just a short period of time, it has created an active community, where young people and adults meet and feed their curiosity about a theme in constant evolution. It makes me happy to see young people taking on ambitious projects aimed to draw people to art, which is becoming increasingly technological and immaterial.

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