About a Simple Recipe

I discovered this bistro shortly after it opened in July 2019. Masterfully run by the Neapolitan chef/owner Diego Simonetti and his brother Mario, it is a delightful restaurant located in piazzetta Ascensione, just a short walk from our gallery. The desire to open a restaurant in Naples developed after an experience in Notting Hill, London and hinges on a simple idea: cook what nature offers. Catch of the day and seasonal vegetables are the backbone of the menu, which changes every day.

Diego Simonetti
Diego bistrot, piazzetta Ascensione, Naples

As Diego often says to me, it’s like telling a story one day at a time. A simple recipe that won me over instantly. I often go there often for lunch in the sunshine or dinner with friends. Now, since it is closed to the public after 6 pm, they also offer an excellent delivery service. The dishes emerge from ambitious ideas, but maintain all of the honesty of simple flavours: land and sea mix to create a winning gastronomic tale. The family management, the strong personality of the brothers – which shines through even in the furnishings – and the charming little piazza that hosts a few small tables outdoors make Diego a loveable place, filled with warmth.

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